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Andrew Erin is a Canadian Writer/Director making a big splash in the US, and has produced, written and directed numerous commercially successful films. 


His directorial debut, SAM’S LAKE, was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival and did an excellent theatrical run in select theaters around the country; distributed by Lionsgate Films.  Andrew also wrote the script for the film.


Andrew’s directorial credits include, SIMPLE THINGS, produced for Screen Media Ventures and Universal Studios.  Besides winning The Bob Clark Award for Best Director at the California Independent Film Festival, the film was commercially received.


Andrew has worked continuously as a writer/director, building a strong library of films in the Thriller/Horror genres with: Embrace of The Vampire, The Clinic, Final Sale, Confined and Toxic Skies.


His most recent project, HAVENHURST was recently acquired by Lionsgate, set for release 2016. It was written, directed and produced under his own banner, along with  Twisted Pictures.

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